#MyBerkaber has it all
It has it’s own logo.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen any other village in Armenia with a symbol of identification.
Berkaber Logo

My, your and our Berkaber has it all, even a special hashtag. How cool is that? Use it, when you need it. You can thank us later.

The Garden of Peace
It has a peace garden about 400m from the borderline, where persimmons grow in abundance. The main fruit of the land.
Garden of Peace

Extreme Cafe
You can see Azeri cars and wildlife while you’re enjoying your coffee & tea at Extreme Cafe, which by the way it’s recommended you wear a bulletproof vest.
Extreme Cafe

Swimming under sniper fire
It’s still under direct sniper fire to this day in 2017. This doesn’t stop the kids from living in the moment and swimming in the reservoir bordering the 2 countries.

3D printers are no foreign subject to the students. The kids are learning website development & software engineering by a group of teachers who educate through their learnings from an exchange program with AYB School in Yerevan.

Every family is an entrepreneur with beehives, greenhouses, etc. They’re all involved in many different projects to provide a stable household for their children.
Berkaber honey

Ninja, Go!
Would it be a surprise for you if we tell that every kid in Berkaber attends Taekwondo training classes? Now you know it.

The children in school are learning Russian, English and French. The ones I spoke to loved all of the options, and were eager to learn more if offered the opportunity. They’re learning different sports as well like taekwondo & various instruments.

Social Life
You can find 13 year old tour guides who are knowledgeable about every aspect of the village. I’d say about 90% of the population is on Facebook with the hopes of staying connected with those who visit. They’re probably the friendliest children I’ve ever met-radiating joy and positivity.

Spiritual life
There’s a church that is unlike any other called St Gevorg.

Fish right from the border
Fish in the village is prepared with special technology which removes rib bones making it safe to eat right away.

All these changes wouldn’t have happened if not Sahman NGO, who has brought the spirit of innovation and development to this village by empowering locals not only to live in their land, but also create, inspire and be inspired.

Last weekend Repat Armenia visited Berkaber and spent the day exploring and experiencing one of the most fascinating spots in Armenia.