Thanks to Sahman we have already increased the number of our greenhouses to 3 and we can't wait to add more - Grag Dilbaryan, first beneficiary from Berkaber


We’re delighted to announce the commencement of the “Berkaber Comprehensive Community Development” Project with the generous financial support of the Norwegian Hamar West and the Yerevan Rotary clubs. Berkaber Comprehensive Community Development

Our history

The brain child of Gayane Gevorgyan, Anna Aghajanian and George Tabakian. We came across Barekavan village in late 2011 and decided to do something to help the disenfranchised but honest and wonderful people in this border village who live each day with the knowledge that a stray sniper bullet can end their life.

With the help of the Armenian communities in Ireland and Dubai and the support of organizations such as the Armenian Tree Project, AGBU and Macademias as well as our friends from around the world, we have built the first 3 greenhouses for 3 families in Barekamavan. With the income they get from the crops they will be more encouraged to stay in the village, raise their beautiful children and most importantly, ensure a strong presence on our borders with Azerbaijan.

Our secondary aim for the village is to connect the children of Barekamavan with those in Yerevan, around Armenia and in the Diaspora. We do this by inviting groups and individuals to spend a few hours or sometimes a few days in the village and get to know the wonderful children who are missing out on a carefree childhood because we can’t provide a safe and secure border environment for them.  With the first project success our activities enlarged and our team was acquired by new members- Anahit Nazaryan and Eric Baghdasaryan. Currently Sahman operates in Berkaber, Aygedzor and Chianry borderline villages.

Having transparent work style and trust of our partners we managed to make Berkaber self-sufficient community with 14 family greenhouses producing tomato and cucumber for local and regional market, trained 14 new beekeepers and introduced Berkaber organic honey to Armenian market, reopened local kindergarten, brought other persons and organizations to help the village. Tangible results and Berkaber made us bring the same model to other borderline villages of Tavush and currently we do greenhouses projects in Aygedzor and Chinary.

All this is done with the help of our local and foreign friends – Care International in Caucasus, GIZ office in Armenia, Fund for Armenian Relief, One Armenia, Yerevan Rotary club, Rhone-Alpes region delegation in Armenia and G2IA We have many more ideas and projects to come! Join us and help the next generation of borderline villages to become strong and proud Armenians

Anna Aghajanian


Gayane Gevorgyan


Anahit Nazaryan


George Tabakian


Eric Baghdasaryan


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