12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Berkaber – The Armenian Border Village

#MyBerkaber has it all It has it’s own logo. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen any other village in Armenia with a symbol of identification. #MyBerkaber My, your and our Berkaber has it all, even a special hashtag. How cool is that? Use it, when you need it. You can thank us….

Meet & Greet: A day in Berkaber

The participants had chance to learn about the small business in Berkaber such greenhouses, wood factory, beekeepers, dried fishes and organic fertilizer. Repat Armenia hosted its fifth Meet & Greet event in 2017 on 21st of October in cooperation with Sahman NGO. This time we had a very special event, we went to Berkaber, a….

Berkaber Kindergarten Opening

After 26 years Berkaber once again has a kindergarten thanks to Sahman NGO and Norway’s Harmar West Rotary Club. “Our goal was to provide the children of Berkaber with the facilities necessary for a happy and fully rounded childhood and we’re happy to have been able to do that.” Norwegian Hamar West Rotary Club Member….

A day in the #Armath Engineering Lab

A day in the life of Berkaber Students at the #Armath Engineering Laboratories, which has, in the new Academic Year, increased its capacity by adding: – Computers – 3D printer – CNC Drilling Machine – Robotics training and automation collections – Computer Desks – Computer Chairs See photos here.

SAHMAN NGO has initiated Taekwondo training classes in Berkaber School

SAHMAN NGO has initiated Taekwondo training classes in Berkaber School. The students will be trained 3 times a week by @Artak Madatyan who is a professional trainer and represents the Taekwondo Federation in Tavush․ See photos here.

ONEArmenia’s “Bring on the Buzz” campaign to help sustain Armenian border village

On February 3rd, ONEArmenia, a non-profit organization focusing on building sustainable economies in Armenia, launched a new campaign to initiate beekeeping activities in the border village of Baghanis. About 800 people live in Baghanis, a village located a few kilometers away from the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, where the economic situation is dire. Most….

Bring Sustainable Farming to Armenia

YEREVAN. – The current project of the organization “ONEArmenia” is designed to raise money for bordering houses in Berkaber, located in the Tavush Region of northeastern Armenia, director of the organization “ONEArmenia” David Bequette told Armenian News – NEWS.am. “The project includes the building of greenhouses, the training of how to use those greenhouses, the….