Greenhouses in Barekamavan

Greenhouses in Barekamavan Sahman began with the construction of greenhouses in Barekamavan. Having researched the immediate needs of the village it became apparent that the project had to have a number of important components. Most importantly, it had to be viable in an area under constant crossfire, it had to have promptly evident and economically….

Greenhouses in Aygedzor

Greenhouses in Aygedzor In 2015, Sahman  built greenhouses for 5 families in Aygedzor as an alternative source of income as well as an incentive to combat migration both seasonal and permanent. The project was financed by the European Union through Targeted Initiative for Armenia and implemented by the French Office for Immigration (OFII) and Deutsche….

Greenhouses in Berkaber

Most of the arable lands belonging to the villagers of Berkaber is under direct sniper fire. The small areas of land adjacent to the homes of the villagers have proven to be ideal for greenhouse cultivation and an alternative source of income. Prior to 2014, there were no greenhouses in the village and all vegetables….