Honey cultivation in Nerkin Karmiraghbyur

Beekeeping is an ideal source of income for this region primarily due to the abundance of unpolluted land and the decrease in the risk fatalities due to crossfire. Although a significant number of villagers have experience in beekeeping, they have been mostly unsuccessful due to outdated methods and a distinct lack of knowledge of innovative techniques.

Sahman began a honey cultivation project in Nerkin Karmiraghbyur in 2015 with support from Targeted Initiative for Armenia and financing from the European Union. 8 families were selected following an initial village meeting, each of who received extensive training, literature in innovative beekeeping methods as well as all necessary items including hives, masks, smokers, etc and 4 hives each of Armenian Yellow bees.

Prior to the cultivation of the honey itself, each family received weekly visits by an expert beekeeper that constantly monitored their progress and offered advice each step of the way. Following the cultivation, the consultant again visited the families on a regular basis to ensure that each hive survived the winter months guaranteeing the continuity of the project. A percentage of the honey from each hive was sold in Yerevan with the proceeds going to the village kindergarten thereby benefiting the local community.