Most of the arable lands belonging to the villagers of Berkaber is under direct sniper fire. The small areas of land adjacent to the homes of the villagers have proven to be ideal for greenhouse cultivation and an alternative source of income. Prior to 2014, there were no greenhouses in the village and all vegetables were imported from the Ararat Valley. Sahman began with 4 greenhouses for 4 hard working families with more than 2 children. In just a few short years this number has increased to 18.
The families involved in the project were provided with greenhouses and all necessary supplemental materials for the first year including seedlings, tools, drip system irrigation (due to a lack of water in the village) and fertilizers. The most important component of all projects for Sahman is education and support for each villager. A greenhouse cultivation expert was made available for comprehensive classes and one to one consultations for all participants. With the help of Sahman, one of the original participants has since taken additional courses at the Daraker Greenhouses and is now the local expert consultant for new projects in the area.
Having seen the benefits and positive results of the Sahman project, some villagers have since used their additional income to construct extra greenhouses which they use to further increase their annual income, this, for Sahman, is the ultimate success story!
Over the years, various individuals and organisations have funded the greenhouse projects in Berkaber including Care International, 1Armenia and individual donors from Armenian and the Diaspora.