ONEArmenia and Sahman NGO are collaborating on a crowdfunding campaign to provide 18 rural families from Baghanis with 4 beehives each, allowing them to create a stable income and sustain themselves through honey production.

The funds collected will go towards made-in-Armenia beehives, bee colonies, beekeeping tools, and equipment. Each of the 18 families involved will receive extensive training in beekeeping techniques, and will also be assisted in finding market outlets for their honey production.

To ensure the project’s sustainability, Sahman’s in-house beekeeping expert will there for regularly visit the new beekeepers for a full year, providing ongoing training and advice.

The installation of 72 beehives in Baghanis will not only improve the villagers’ living conditions. It will also have a positive impact on the surrounding environment by bringing pollinating honeybees to the region, hence ensuring the preservation of Baghanis’s natural assets.