Greenhouses in Barekamavan

Sahman began with the construction of greenhouses in Barekamavan. Having researched the immediate needs of the village it became apparent that the project had to have a number of important components. Most importantly, it had to be viable in an area under constant crossfire, it had to have promptly evident and economically viable results, it had to apply to the entire community and allow for the reeducation of the local farmers in innovative methods in agriculture.
Considering all of the above, the concept of small greenhouses was chosen which encompassed all of the necessary components. With the generous support of individuals from the Armenian communities in Dubai and Ireland as well as donors in Armenia, the first 4 greenhouses were constructed in 2012. The selected families received detailed instructions on greenhouses cultivation as well as around the clock access to an agro consultant. To date, the greenhouses are used to cultivate vegetables in season for the families themselves and are sold as a source of additional income.

Sahman was born of these greenhouse projects in Barekamavan which was later reproduced in other villages around Tavush.