Prior to 2014 there were no greenhouses in Chinari and almost all vegetables in the village were imported from the Ararat Valley. 6 greenhouses were built in Chinari as part of the Fund for Armenian Relief’s Poverty Reduction in Tavush Project, Sahman were able to build 6 greenhouses in Chinari and one with the financial assistance of the Dzorakn Foundation.15 families applied to become a part of the project upon its announcement in September 2014 and following extensive interviews and home visits by the Sahman team 6 families were chosen. Initial preferences were given to families with more than 2 children and those in financial need. All participating families returned a small percentage of their initial profit to the community through a direct donation to the village kindergarten.
The initial consultations began in March 2015 when each family received extensive training on cultivation methods as well s seedlings and all necessary accessories to ensure a successful crop. Weekly visits by an expert agro consultant followed immediately thereafter with extensive one on one sessions. In June the participants cultivated their first crop which was sold within the village.
As part of the project 6 families received:
The necessary knowledge and experience in cultivating and selling their own crop
Produce for personal use and additional income to cover family expenses
The ability to invest back into their own community
The community was able to fully cover their needs for fresh locally produced vegetables and developed greenhouse cultivation practices.