The mild climate and geographic location of Berkaber is ideal for beekeeping. Beekeeping avoids the security risks associated with other forms of agriculture in the area and the relatively unpolluted mountains in the area are idea for honey cultivation. The local population, although traditionally familiar with beekeeping, are in need of education in new innovative beekeeping methods.
In 2013, with the support of Rotary International Armenian Chapter, Rhone Alpes and G2iA, 23 families received 8o beehives. Sahman, provided newly constructed hives with Armenian yellow bee colonies, all necessary accessories and supplies such as masks, scrapers, smokers and a honey extractor, continuous consultation by an expert beekeeper and helped create a Beekeepers association made up of all families involved in the project.
For the last 3 years the families of Berkaber have been using their own honey, selling the remainder and trying to increase the number of hives. A small portion of the honey is donated to the association which in turn, uses the profits of the sale to support the Children’s Corner created by Sahman in the village.