Sahman has implemented various education projects in cooperation with the Berkaber School in order to create an innovative center for education.

Since 2014 improved the technological capabilities of the school and created a safe environment conducive to creativity in order to improve the education level of the school. We work with the teachers by providing additional training and exchange opportunities to allow them to improve and innovate their teaching methods thereby making each new lesson more interesting and interactive for the students.

The safety of the students, whose school is under direct sniper fire, is of utmost importance for Sahman. The creation of an underground bunker in the grounds of the school by Sahman in 2015 allowed both students and faculty to have a safe area to wait out any potential dangers on the border.

Another significant change in the school in 2015 was the remodeling of the heating system. The original system was based on the use of natural gas, however there is no pipeline within the village. With the help of an anonymous donor, the heating system was redesigned to use wood which is more useful and more cost effective.

In 2014 a group of teachers from Berkaber took part in a 2 week exchange programs at the AYB School in Yerevan. During the first program they joined the AYB teachers and learned about both the school and their innovative teaching methods. Following the first exchange, a group of students and faculty from AYB spent two days at the Berkaber school. As a results of these exchange programs more innovative and interactive teaching methods are now used in Berkaber leading to a more productive teaching environment. A donation of a projector by Sahaman has further encouraged both students and staff to incorporate new technology into their classes as well as take part in periodic distance learning lessons with various schools.

In 2014 Sahman assisted in the creation of an IT Club. One of the Berkaber teachers received intensive training at the Nairi Consortium and helped found the school’s first Nairi Lab. The lab allows students to use innovative technology and learn the basics of programming. In 2016 the Lab became a part of Union of Information Technology Enterprises which would in turn lead to the creation of a robotics and engineering lab in the Berkaber School.

In 2016, as part of the Berkaber Comprehensive Community Development project financed by the Norwegian Harmar Vest Rotary Club, an Engineering Lab was established at the Berkaber School which augmented the capabilities of the existing Nairi Lab leading to the creation of the first Armath lab in the surrounding villages. This Engineering lab has now become a part of the larger network of Armath labs around the country.

An additional component of the Berkaber Comprehensive Community Development Project saw the creation of foreign language classes in the school where two groups of students totaling 27 have 90 minute classes every Monday and Saturday using language books provided as part of the initiative.