About Barekamavan

The village of Barekamavan, located in the Region of Tavush, received its name, literally translated as “A place of Friendship” in 1978 due to its location at the crossroad of three countries Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Barekamavan is one of the most rapidly shrinking villages in the region with a current population of less than 400, with 30 students at the village school and no daycare or kindergarden facilities. The village is located 191 km from Yerevan and less than 1 km from the border with Azerbaijan. The vast majority of the communal lands of the village are currently unusable due to their perilous location within the cross fires of Azeri snipers as is a significant proportion of the village itself. The regional climate is considered ideal of the cultivation of fruit such as persimmon, fig, pomegranate and grapes.