Chinari is a border village in the Tavush region near the city of Berd (formerly Shamshadin) approximately 235km from Yerevan. With a population of over 1,000 the village is surrounded on 3 sides by Azerbaijani military posts with sporadic fire by Azeri snipers resulting in more fatalities in Chinari since the ceasefire agreement then during the most tense fighting at the high of the conflict.
Farming is the main source of income for the population of Chinari. A significant proportion of the male population of the village serves in the Armenian Armed Forces. The village has a middle school and kindergarten.
There are no industries in Chnari however the mild climate allows for extensive farming. The local population have small vineyards and in the last number of years the production of persimmons and figs have increased however the constant issue of security coupled with a lack of finances, arable land and water have hampered progress.
Sahman Projects in Chinari
Based on Sahman’s previous experience in border villages and considering security issues as well as the inaccessibility of communal lands due to sniper fire, Sahman began greenhouse cultivation and beekeeping projects in Chinari in 2014.