Grant competition for beekeepers of the border communities of Goris:

We have started a new program to develop beekeeping. The program is intended for beekeepers of 8 border villages in the Syunik province, Goris community, who have 30 or more hives. In the first phase of the project, participants discussed several beekeeping issues, risks, and solutions. At the end of the meeting, the participating beekeepers filled out an application questionnaire, based on which the second round will be selected. And from the third round, those selected after the home visit will win the grant and will receive beekeeping property.

Our story

“Sahman” NGO is an Armenian organization, which was established in 2011 as a non-profit and non-governmental organization. The authors of the program are Gayane Gorgyan, Anna Aghajanyan, George Tabakian. The main goal of the NGO is to support the border communities of Armenia. Implement agricultural, social, educational, and cultural projects. Our focus is on implementing sustainable development programs with maximum transparency. The organization started its activity in Tavush region, then implemented programs in Gegharkunik region as well. And already in 2020. After November, he started working in the border villages of Syunik and Artsakh. “Sahman” NGO is collectively managed by its board, which also manages and implements all programs.

Join us and help the border communities of Armenia.

Anna Aghajanyan


Gayane Gevorgyan


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Sose Muradyan

Project Manager

George Tabakyan


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